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Christmas time is not a happy time for everyone. Some people feel lost and alone, some sad and lamenting the loss of loved ones, some find themselves without any family and some parents will not be able to see their children. I will spend Christmas Day with Papasaurus, Queen Scamp and Ozzy, Boxing Day with my oldest 3 children and their father, who is quite the amazing fellow  (along with Queen Scamp and Ozzy). It will be late January before I am 'allowed' to see my fourth, fifth and sixth children though. Today I posted their Christmas presents from the Post Office. It's not a happy day for me.

I always feel like a bit of a fraud when it comes to being a mother. Yes I have eight children but do I run around after my eight children every day caring for them - no. Only two of them live with me.

I wrote the following back in July, soon after I started blogging and I love the post because whenever someone asks me about how I manage with eight children I can refer them to this post rather than try and tweet in 140 characters what, where and why.

So here I give those of you who haven't read it already:

“You have 8 kids but only 2 live with you – why ?” – abandoning your children in the name of self preservation

Apologies as that sounded like an introduction to a ‘Friends’ episode but it’s a hard one to begin for me, I am bumping ‘Tuesdays Tales from the Supermarket’ to Wednesday this week to make way for this bad boy so bear with me. A little word of caution at this point is that this may turn out to be an emo-post (that’s ‘emo’ and not ‘emu’ – though I did love Rod Hull) – I’m a fan of funny posts and not one for a rant, moan or general sadness so this is a bit out of character’

I have 8 lovely children, ranging in age from 16 to just 2 years old .

The thing is I always find when talking to people you mention you have 8 kids and you get bombarded with“wow you’re brave – or mad”, “your house must be chaos –you must be sooo organised” or the really imaginative “don’t you have a tv in your house?” (ha ha ha boom boom – not). As soon as you reply “only 2 live with me full time” the ambience changes a smidge. More often than not people don’t pry to ask why that is, a caring few offer “that must be hard you must miss them” and a minority look at me with suspicion as if inwardly wondering what have I done that is so terrible that I have had them taken from me.

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