The Tots100 Christmas Party - The Eye Of The Storm


Today is the sober eve of mayhem and insanity. Today is the day before the Tots100 Christmas Party. You may be sat there, surrounded by a bevy of scatter cushions, sipping on your lapsang souchong, wearing a chunky knitwear cardi thinking 'sober eve of mayhem and insanity?! Mammasaurus you are one deluded individual!'

But noooooo I speaketh the truth, form the Gospel according to Mammasaurus, Chapter 4, verse 3 : "And on the sixth day there was drunken revelry and much tweeting across the table of food and vino".

I am one of the lucky buggers who is being loaned a car from the super folk at Kia , a Venga to be precise, through the Tots100 to drive to Butlins,Bognor Regis for the par-tay and I am available for picking up anyone in the South en route - so if you need a lift I'm your gal, heck even if you don't need a lift I'm so chuffed with the car I'll come round your place and take you for a spin, we can play some classic dance 'choooons', perchance a bit of Haddoway circa 1993, we could cruise the streets, maybe grab a kebab...the world is our oyster my friend. I'll be adding a review of this car next week to my reviews section of this blog. In the meantime here are some gratuitous shots of a hip-hop-honey (hot n spicy) looking sexual with the car.

Many bloggers are taking their families with them, however I will be flying solo on this occasion. I am err suffering some time on my own because umm I think it would be nicer for my children to errr  spend some quality time with their father. It's a weekend of ummm high powered important blogging discussions and they would be bored... ok ok so here's the deal Papasaurus didn't want to come away for the weekend only to get lumbered with kids in the hotel room whilst I made merry at the bar.

So there you have it, I am a woman prepared.

I have a cheeky bottle of vino packed for 'loosening up' my sleeping buddy and a can or two of gin and pink grapefruit juice ( a recent discovery ). Yes you read that right a can of gin.

Many bloggers are already there and I cannot wait to arrive and join in the merriment...and meet people - yes Papasaurus stick this in yer pipe and smoke it - those bloggers, you know those 'imaginary people that I talk to through the laptop'? They are REAL and I am going to see them - HUZZAH!

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