Bow before me minion as I waggle my huge award in your face


Yes, it's official I have risen to epic demi-god status and had an award bestowed upon me for being an all round good egg. Or was it for just being 'all round'? Who knows. This is an exclusive award and has been bestowed on me and me alone*. Boom! Come here, kneel down and let me wag my award in your's big...and it's pink...well pinky red...but definitely not purple

Reveal SEVEN MOST SECRET THINGS about yourself.

One. If you know me in real life, the 'pinch me and I'll wallop you real life' ,it's not a secret but to the likes of you lot it is... I used to have pink hair. And ginger. And Black. And Red. And blonde. I was a serial hair dyer until I finally grew up 3 years ago. At one point I tried to due it 'Smurf Blue' but it muffed up and ended a kind of murky camouflage green. He is an example if me with pink hair in gay Paris. This French didn't 'get' my hair, I had a lot of funny looks...and shrugs.

yes I know I look like I'm on drugs.

International Agent of Pleasure

 Two. I get names wrong. A lot. I once called Johnny Marr Andrew Marr. Oh the shame.

Three. I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny... err yes.

Four. When I was sixteen years old I ran away to live with a 45 year old man. In hindsight bloody stupid but then I have always been trouble . Ask my mother - she'll tell you.

Five. Despite having given birth to eight children I have fantastically pert breasts and the vajaja of a 16 year old virgin**

Thank god for kitchen roll.

Six. I haven't had an oven for 2 years. This pains me and I moan about it at any given opportunity - such as this.

Seven. I once had frenzied primal sexy time to Ant and Decs 'Let's get Ready To Rumble' - oh no hang on a minute, my mistake that was BOO AND ME

* Read everybody has been tagged and I am but a mere number in long,long line.

** Read breasts to my belly button and a a rather sorry looking vajaja

Thank you to Queen Biscuit for tagging the people who tagged me ( Melksham Mum and BlueBirdSunshine ) and to Cinderella Trippin' a long way away over the seas for starting this whole journey into baring my inner most secrets.

I raise my pint of gin to the lot of you !

This is the point where I am meant to tag 15 people. Good God alive, I'll tag who I can but not 15...pleeeease no! I and slapping these people on the butt in a tag stylee...

Love in the Nest Actually Mummy (as tomorrow we meet for the 1st time!) My Life, My Son, My Way (ditto - see you tomorrow!) Chatty Baby (and you! Excting times!) Life, As I Know It CafeBebe (if she's not giving birth yet) The Bling Buoyfrom 'across the pond' Alive and Blogging also from over yonder Jolenes Mumbo Jumbo (too funny!) SAHDandProud cos he is funny innit and my cousin 4th removed BooandMe innit.

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