MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE - What?Wednesday - The Cyber Edition


Yeah that's right - MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE.

I am looking for people who will make an extra special effort to be super-sexy-beings tonight. No snoring, no PlayStation, no headaches - just L-O-V-E...Not with me you understand, with the one you love or at the least rather fancy.

I have sent out a series of emails inviting people to invite people to MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE - if you have received 'the word' in your inbox and pledge to MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE then link up here or leave a comment stating your amorous intent...

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People who have muttered words of amorous intent on Twitter:

@mummylawyer LOL! Will try to be more amorous and less tired this evening.

@jennyovengloves Cheetah Keeper's mum make love not snore? maybe you need one of these guitars? check the strapline!

@TiredmummyofTwo Tired-mummy what are you sproating about now? MAKELOVE NOT SNORE?

ChattyBabyTweet Chatty Baby Make Love Not Snore! Sound advice from @MammasaurusBlogtoday…

@The_Last_Slayer Rhiannon have told hubby we're spending the evening with phones, laptops and tv OFF #makelovenotsnore

@ChattyBabyTweet Chatty Baby @MammasaurusBlog Sadly way past my bedtime, and Mummy's Making Love Not Snore tonight :)

@TiredmummyofTwo Tired-mummy @MammasaurusBlog surely at that time we should be MAKING LOVE NOT SNORE #oolala

@TiredmummyofTwo Tired-mummy @MammasaurusBlog oh no that means you will be too tired to MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE

@motherventing @NotSoSlummy Now don't get too excited. @MammasaurusBlog is encouraging us to Make Love Not Snore. Orgy at 10pm on Twitter. Woop.