The Week That Was - my blogging antics over the past week!


I've been admiring SAHDandProud's weekly round up posts for some time now and so I'm blatantly nabbing his brainiac post idea today and yabbering on about the good and bad of the past week. The past week has been a bit of a busy blur to be honest but sti ll feeling a bit 'emo' post-'Tickgate' I think that that was a good thing. I soon 'got over' the affair and saw a very positive side of blogging that came in a wave of support and love from fellow bloggers, even bloggers who I hadn't had any previous contact with drop me a line to ask if I was feeling alright, which was rather lovely.

Boo and Me brought out a new meme last week that had us all grooving away and got me dancing like a freak on video. Chatty Baby started 'You get the picture', a meme to embrace the drawings that your little one makes and Five Go Blogging started 'The Most Ridiculously Over-Edited Photo Competition'. My own Saturday is Caption Day went insania this week with 54 bloggers joining in a spot of weekend caption fun - I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw that!

Mother Venting and I enjoyed a rather fun twitter rant related to all things menstrual which resulted in Mother Venting writing possibly the funniest post I have ever had the pleasure to read and me writing a mini sanitary towel rant along with a beautiful picture that I feel has the makings of being a modern classic.

I am continuing to battle on with NaBloPoMo, which means posting every day for a month and linking up in the BritMums NaBloPoMo group. I'll admit that I had a mini crisis moment when it dawned on me that all this posting will most likely be the kiss of death to my already recently dwindling Tots100 score, however I am going to 'man up' and concentrate on enjoying the post-heavy month, there will be time to take over the world another month ;)

I spotted Red Ted Art (my lady crush) was taking part in a 'Creative mums that blog needed for Save the Children story book' thread over in the Media Requests Group on Britmums. The idea is to contribute a short story aimed at small kids as well as an image of a drawing you or your kids make, or simply a photo you take to support your story. The lovely Nataliya from over at GreenKiddie will then collate all the unique creative stories and images, and design them into a childrens book to be sold with 100% of profits going to Save The Children. I was soon on the case and sent in my short story and illustrations. If you are interested in joining in there is still time - last thing I heard they were still looking for another couple of people to contribute...but you need to be quick, the deadline is November 20th.

The past week saw Love New Blogs and Love Dad Blogs rank in the Tots100 too, very respectably I feel which made me do a little dance round the lounge. Love Mummy Blogs has also registered with the Tots100 now - good times!Talking of Love Mummy Blogs, we have a give-away this week, so to be in with a chance to win these lovely handmade ceramic items from Dottery Pottery over on Folksy - swing on over to this weeks Royal Mumness and simply comment your Twitter tag.

Love Dad Blogs has been a joy to read again this week - those dads sure know how to blog and make me laugh, especially that SAHDandProud who's intros are the work of genius! The Fatherload this week is jam packed full of testosterone-based-nutrition from smongst others the likes of Musodad, Belfastdad, Military Dad, Floyds Dad, Diary of the Dad and perhaps the best-named-blog-in-the-world - Goodbye Pert Breasts.

Talking of the Love Blogs group there's been such a great variety of blogs and inspiration coming through in the form of Love Craft Blogs, which has given me some awesome ideas! One of my faves from last week's Weekly Craftiness is Bothabunchs Recycled Decorating - a great idea for what I can do with all the old bits of fabric that I have lying about the house!

Yummy, lip-smacking inspiration from Love Cookery Blogs 'Friday Hotpot', a weekly showcase of recipe and foodie posts from across the blogosphere. Farmersgirl Kitchen gave us a yummy Chickpea and smoked paprika soup recipe and the Love Cookery Blogs Baking section had me literally dribbling down my own chin as I saw Jack 'n' Lils Banana Muffins, The Little Red and Blue Aprons Chocolate Marshmollow Fudge and OH MY GOSH ChouxChouxBeDoo's Snickers Cupcakes! NOM NOM NOM!!!

Love Photo Blogs was looking mighty fine too with Corporate Photography showing us a blooming lovely house, Life, Ninja Killer Cat a 'cat in a hat' and Kate and Joel Photography some gorgeous Somerset snaps.

Help has been on hand from Dear Beautiful Boy who is going to be looking after Love Photo Blogs Twitter account and writing the intro. bit for 'Snapshot Tuesdays. And the formidable Boo and Me and Mother Venting have agreed to help out with the Love New BlogsTwitter account.

This week I want to highlight some newer bloggers memes in my Newbie Tuesday column over on the BritMums Blog... if you know a newer blogger with a meme - let me know and I can highlight it!

And now onwards to the week ahead !

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