The Lovely Lovely Love List Of Loveliness


(What Wednesday will follow later today) Last night myself and Boo and Me stayed up waaaaaay past bedtime feeling a bit down in the dumps following all the controversy and debate going on in the Blogosphere the past week. We concocted 'the Lovely Lovely Love List of Loveliness. Answer the questions, feel yourself become happier and head to Boo and Me to join the linky list!

And every fluffy bottomed meme demmands a cheesy picture - and this is no exception!

The Lovely Lovely Love List Of Loveliness


1. Cake or chocolate – discuss.

CAKE CAKE CAKE. Cake doesn't melt in your hand and comes in many flavours!

I don't care that it makes me sounds like an old woman - I love a good Victoria sponge!

2. Your most embarrassing memory. Of. All. Time.

I have NEVER spoken of this and do not ever never mention it in my company but... when I gave birth to Ozzy I was having a homebirth. I was sat on the loo butt naked and my waters broke (great timing!) but the midwife was concerned that I was a bit shaky so she gave me a chocolate biscuit to eat.

No sat on the loo,naked being given a chocolate biscuit is not the embarrassing part... the cringe  moment is when the other midwife came in, pointed at my left titty and asked 'Is that chocolate of a bit of pooh on there?'

'No' I replied 'That's just my mole'.

And Papasaurus to this day will point at my boobs when I am naked and ask 'is that bit of pooh?' just because he thinks he's funny.

3. What’s your claim to fame?

I once rubbed my sweaty breats against  Phil Jupitus's arm at a gig in Southampton and shared a pint with SeaSick steve at a festival before he became well known... not very A-list but I loved it :D

4. Would you rather lick Brad Pitts armpit or Johnny Depps foot?

Johnny Depps foot! I am not a fan of the Pitt. Is there a third option of Christian Bales Winky? (just asking)

5. What is the worst chat up line that has ever been said to you?

"There's a party in my pants and you're invited" (and yes it worked...)

6. What is the worst chat up line you have ever used?

"Let me sit on your lap and we'll talk about the first thing that comes up" *shortly followed by me falling face first onto the floor and throwing up - ah those classy alcohol fuelled younger years!*

7. Shag, Mary, Push off a cliff: Jeremy Kyle / David Hasslehoff / Louis Walsh

Shag - Jeremy Kyle. Hanging out with all those skanky chavs is bound to have turned him into a right demon in the sack

Marry - Louis Walsh. If I had to not have much sex with some one for the rest of my life   marry someone it would be Louis.

Push off a cliff - The Hoff. Yes he's a legend, yes I fancied him as a child (when I was a child not he was a child!) but the man give me the creeps now and should be punished for that 'Get into my car' song.

8. If you were skipping gaily in a meadow of sweet buttercups what would you rather stop to pet – a fluffy bunnykins or a little baby mole whose little pink nose was emerging from the ground?

A fluffy bunnykins - unless of course it has the red eyes of diseeeeease.

9. What biscuit is the best biscuit?

Keep your custard creams and your fancy pants biccies - Malted Milk aka moo-cow biscuits' rule Britannia!

10. If you had to sniff a fart would you rather it was the fart of Brad Pitt or Lady Gaga?

I think Lady Gagas farts would be EVIL, she strikes me as the sort of woman not to eat a balanced diet - you'd find me on my knees behind Brad on this occassion...

And just in case none of that got you smiling, here is Boris the happy owl.

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