Battle of the Thermostat


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Historically the World has has many wars and battles. The World Wars, the Battle of the Somme and Battle Royale to name but a random few.

But now it's getting colder it's time for the fiercest battle of the year - Battle of the Thermostat!

The rules of Battle of the Thermostat are simple - Papasaurus turns thermostat down and Mammasarus turns thermostat up.


Papasaurus's  reasons are:

"It's not that cold yet"

"You could just put another layer on"

"You aren't the one who pays the gas bill"


Mammasaurus's reasons are:

"Yes it's bloody freezing"

"Think of our poor frozen children"

"Gas bill Schmas bill"


Rules of engagement:

Papasaurus wakes early to go to work - turns thermostat down

Mammasaurus wakes up COLD and whacks thermostat up

Papasaurus comes home, see's thermostat setting, tut's and gumbles and silently turns in back down

Mammasaurus slips off shoes and tip toes to turn thermostat up

and so it continues.


Papasaurus's ideal thermostat temp? 15 degrees

Mammasaurus's ideal thermostat temp? 19 degrees


This war will rage all winter I fear. Still at least it's distracted Papasaurus from grumbling about my overuse of the tumble drier ;)

Surely I'm not alone facing this battle of wills ?

Annie Spratt15 Comments