Hands up if you want to Showcase your blog!


My lovely close blogging buddies have sussed that I've been 'up to something' lately, in fact it's most likely to go down as the worst kept secret in blogging history! Big things are about to happen... today! Just over a month ago I launched 'Love New Blogs', a little site showcasing newer parent bloggers and got a lovely response - especially considering that is was mainly Twitter was responsible for spreading the word. It led to an unexpected turn of events that saw me joining the BritMums team, which I am still in a kind of over-excited shock about. But Love New Blogs takes a LOT of time! Usually upwards of 7 hours a week... but now I've had my top man ( my first husband who is a programming wizard!) on the job and he's making a super submissions form that is now live and will make joining in much simpler. It'll make my life much easier too -but 'top man' to the rescue, soon the excerpts will automatically upload into the draft post ready for me to check over before being published in The Weekly Showcase. What a difference that will make!

A couple of weeks ago I went to BlogCamp ( thank you Tots100!) and got inspired. Creatively inspired in the form of Paul Sanders, photographic editor of The Times who I managed to share a cupcake with and have a good one to one chat with. Mentally inspired by Diary of the Dad. He probably isn't even aware that he inspired me! We spoke briefly about dad bloggers and it dawned on me that there's not many places showcasing dad bloggers, if we're honest the parent blogging community is undeniably mum-heavy. And so this week saw the launch of  Love Dad Blogs. Same principle as Love New Blogs, one post each week that showcases dad bloggers.

In the past month I have recieved a number of emails from people asking if 'Love New Blogs' will take non-parent bloggers as they thought it's a great idea. Sadly it won't, it was my first site and holds a special parental place in my heart however it's led me completely lose the plot and take the plunge and launch...wait for it...

(Yes I have gone mad, no I do not plan to take over the World)

Love All Blogs is the umbrella site for a whole Love Blogs series of sites. I've chosen genres of blog that people have asked to have Showcases for so joining Love New Blogs and Love Dad Blogs will be Love Mummy Blogs, Love  Cookery Blogs, Love Craft Blogs, Love Photo Blogs (and there's a Love Video Blogs in the pipeline too). These sites will all post one Weekly Showcase of excerpts submitted (through our fancy new form system) linking readers back to the origional posts to drive traffic their way and allow others similar bloggers find each other. Each site will feature a Blogroll with every one submitting an excerpt being added along with their Twitter tags and Facebook page.

But I could not possibly do this all alone - oh no! So please 'make some noize' for the Love Blogs Team! Heading up Love Craft Blogs is Maggy from RedTedArt, Love Dad Blogs is SAHDandProud, Love Mummy Blogs is ActuallyMummy and Love Photo Blogs is Sonia Thorpe, photgrapher extrodinaire and also blogger of Mummy Loves.... What a team! I'll stay with Love New Blogs and I'm looking for someone to help out with Love Cookery Blogs - so if you know someone who blogs all things foodie then point them my way!

You are probably wondering what's in for Mammasaurus? Well here is how I envisage that it could work - My vision for Love All Blogs is just uniting bloggers of the same genre in one place.  I hope to provide a bit of a boost to newer bloggers too and create a real sense of camaraderie within blogging communities. I want to give bloggers the potential to drive more visitors to their site and find other like-minded bloggers. I'll be offering advertisment space on each site to relevant companies only, for example Photobox on Love Photo Blogs. I hope that this will bring in some revenue which I can use to cover the costs of running the sites and improve them to make them more visually attractive - I have grand ideas for how they could look but ideas cost money and Papasaurus has a limited patience with me splashing the cash! I am hoping that PR companies and Brands that may be looking for bloggers and writers may also eventually see our sites as a beneficial resource too. And on a personal note it will help raise my profile as Mammasaurus. You see I'm not a selfless paragon of virtue - I've just got an idea that could help other bloggers and myself. Of course these sites can only succeed through spreading the word and getting bloggers interested. So I'll be on a major Twitter and forums offensive - and if you know a blogger of any sort - send them our way! From Love all Blogs you can find the links to all of the separate Love Blogs sites and find out PR information. Please  - if you like the concept go forth and spread the word amongst bloggers, PR's and generally anyone that will listen!

*and apologies if I am a bit quiet over the next couple of days - we've just found out that Papasaurus's best friend has been diagnosed with Cancer and so I'm trying to support my husband as he's understandably very upset x *