Wot So Funnee? - Beans got a belly full - but of what ?

”WotThis week ActuallyMummy has come up with a fab idea for a meme - 'Wot So Funee?', where you get to share with the world your child's clever ramblings and writings! You can have a bash and link up on her linky list... so what are you waiting for ?!

Bean is 3 years old and is really starting to express her creative,if not a tad whacky side. You may recall I posted about her imaginary friend 'Nimpon Pimpon' a while back, I'd love to report that she is now through that phase and has wised up but no - not a chance!

A few days ago she announced (whilst pulling her top up and sticking out her belly) that "My tummy is full of scamps!"

Word on the street is that scamps in your tummy leading to you being 'mischievous'. Bean also wants the world to know that she is now to be known as 'Scamp'. If I, or anyone else, calls her Kitty we are quickly reprimanded with "I am not Kitty - I am SCAMP!"

I asked what I was called and I can report that I am officially now 'Big Mummy Kitty' , Ozzy is 'Bozzles' and daddy is what definitely sounded like 'a dirty rascal'.

She's wiser than she looks that kid.

And now swing over to ActuallyMummys  to see what other amazing things kiddies have been coming out with...

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