How does blogging effect your relationships ?


I've come across a fair few bloggers of late who blog 'on the sly', keeping their internet antics (and we're still talking about blogging here) quiet from their husbands/ partners/ friends/ families.

I completely understand why someone would want to do this, it's a bit like me squirreling chocolate caramel digestives away in my sewing box - it's my 'little secret', no one need know and it's nice just to have them as 'my thing'.

Sometimes I wish Papasaurus didn't know about my blogging.

It's not that he isn't supportive of it- far from it, however I feel like I have lost some sort of moral high ground in the home. Let me explain...In the past if we were snuggled up together on the sofa with a glass of vino getting a bit amorous and any war related documentary came on television then Papasaurus would be all over it like wasps on a jam coated lollipop in the July midday sun. And bingo! that's my cue to tut, roll back my eyes and generally complain without actually speaking - my silence and general miffed aura is enough for him to know that 'yes I'll watch it but no I won't enjoy it.

Then along came blogging and the roles have reversed. These days we snuggle up of an evening and I'm like 'Oh honey I've just got to check my emails for a second' and that's his cue. The eyes roll back, there's a sort of huff sound and he'll start fidgeting and yawning. 'Don't worry' I reassure him 'Just 2 minutes that's all'. Twenty minutes later, 6 Twitter conversations, 4 subscribed blogs read and commented on and a quick mooch on Facebook and I close the laptop to a guaranteed 'Oh are you sure you've got time for me ?' Inwardly I am saying 'We were just sat there watching crap tv for the sake of it - does it really matter?!' but a simple 'more wine love?' leaves my lips.

Also I think that he thinks that I am a bit mad. I rabbit on over dinner about what other people have been talking about on Twitter, ask his opinions on my ideas for posts and generally what he refers to as 'blog sh*t'. He doesn't get it. 

What does your other half, family of friends make of you blogging ? Does it impact on your married life ?

I there a copy of this on your partners bedside table ?!

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