Have I got Klout? Good Tots100 placement? Should I care ?!


It's not all about the 'hits' - or is it ? 

It's not really ... that was just for dramatic effect...

Now we all blog for the sheer love it after all we don't get paid to do it (unless we are very lucky!)

I haven't been blogging long (this is my 3rd month now) but already I love the satisfaction after I publish a post that I've spent time and effort on and the excited feeling in my tummy when I get an email informing me that someone has commented on one of my posts. I love the camaraderie amongst the parent bloggers and the fact that there's always someone ,somewhere to talk about crap to on Twitter at any one given time!  I'd like to continue to grow in my blogging and one day I'd love to do something creative like blogging or vlogging  in some sort of professional capacity but at the same time if that doesn't happen I'd be quite happy muddling along as I am.

There are things about the 'world of blogging' that I am not so sure about though. There's a lot of comparison, lists and grading. For example, the Tots100. They take all the blogs every month and through some secret squirrel workings out they calculate the top blogs and rank then. I'm in there somewhere, around the 370 mark I think. It's not the be all and end all, but it's nice to have some recognition. When the scores were released last month I had gone down 20 places, no big deal I know - so why did I feel so miffed about it ?! When did I stop thinking of 'the joy of blogging' (sorry that sounds a bit like soft porn) and think about my ranking ?

Papasaurus summed it up in true non-blogger fashion with the thought-provoking comment "Who cares? It's just a list". A bit on the harsh side maybe but it pains me to say this - maybe he has a point.

Then there's Klout  and Blog Grader - again 2 things I signed up to and I guess that for 'those in the know' these are good things. If you've worked really hard and gone up in the rankings or earned 'extra points' then it's nice to have some recognition for that - though it's not something I'd broadcast at playgroup over a dry pile of Playdough - "Oh darling - my Klouts shot right up this week!"

So here I am wondering if I actually need these things in my blogging life ? There's something fundamental about being 'graded' and 'scored' by some faceless computer programme that narks me a bit.  To cap it all off today Klout told me that I am influential about 'handbags, weddingd and photography' . For someone who doesn't own a handbag, has been married 3 times and takes crap photos which I then pimp in picnik to desperatly try to improve I find that a bit of a silly observation !

So before I banish them from my life altogether can anyone offer their opinions or advice- do I need Klout ? or the Tots100 ? or Blog Grader?