An apology and why I may be about to burn in blogger hell


Have you ever published a post only to find out that recently someone else wrote about something similar ? It's innocent enough, and you remind yourself that after all there are only so many topics to write about - it's only natural that there are occasions when things 'come up' at the same time. Even so, you get that feeling of 'oh bum I hope that so and so doesn't think I have copied them'. So you can maybe begin to imagine my horror when half way through my first week of my new meme 'Saturday Is Caption day' I find out that someone else, someone far more well known in blogging circles began the exact same thing last Monday.

I'll take you through my initial reaction : "tits. bugger. this is bad. I am going to burn in hell for all eternity. but I didn't know. even so STUPID ME. what stupid thing will I do next - 'shhhSunday' perhaps. tits"

You see I had had the idea for it only the day before at tea-time and after looking at the BritMums Blogging Memes Group didn't spy anything similar so ploughed on ahead and set it up - tried to tell as many people as I could about it ready for the big virginal day on Saturday. I chose Saturday because I have been finding that it's the one day of the week that seems to be a bit 'flat' for views, maybe it could perk things up for some of us I thought - after all Mocha Beanie Mummies Silent Sunday accounts for many peoples highest comment rates .And just to add that I know it's not 'all about the comment stats'  however for new bloggers it is a great way of getting folk to your site and noseying around, who knows if they like what they see they may return.

I posted it up in the BritMums meme group and on Netmums and Mumsnet forums and tried to make sure I had remembered to post about it in as many places as I could think of. When Saturday came it was fab - people were joining in and I was on cloud nine. A little while later I was sat was reading  the brilliant Facebook Parent Bloggers page about PR and reviews and the super helpful and knowledgeable Typecast mentioned about Blogger.Ed forums and I thought 'ooo ace! another place to post about the caption meme!' An hour later though and someone had given me a link to A mothers Ramblings 'Caption It Monday' .

That's when the fear set in.

Bloody Hell. I subscribe to this lovely ladies blog, I know I was away camping early last week so deleted 150 emails of various blogs that I subscribe to on my return as to be frank it was too daunting seeing my inbox so full whilst so tired. But then I thought - did I see this ? Honestly I don't know. Papasaurus has been trying to pacify me by telling me that 'if you didn't know then it's just a poorly timed co-incidence, there's no need to feel bad'. But this is such a close knit supportive blogging community and however innocent and unwittingly my meme idea was it still reflects terribly on me.

I can't believe this is happening now -after all the uproar over the past week or so, mightily justified uproar should I say, with regards to plagiarism. The much loved and well respected Crystal Jigsaw (see her post here) wrote about her problems with someone passing off her posts as their own, as did Yellow Gal (see her post here) and also Working Mum On The Verge (see her post here).

Would people think this was what I had done ?

What to do though is my quandary? I commented on A Mothers Ramblings Caption It Monday post and explained what I had accidentally done and let her know that if she wants me to stop doing my Saturday meme then I will - or that I can stress on mine that hers also runs on a Monday.

But the more I think about it the more I think maybe I should just take the Saturday Is Caption Day off this blog and pray that I am not relegated to the ranks of the post-copying scum-bag types.

First major Blogging lesson for me - do not get too over excited with ideas and check, double check and triple check that no body else is doing something similar first...

Has anyone got any advice on how to handle this ?