Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park = Fun Day Out !

For those who have been living in a cave, atop a mountain, with no contact with the outside world - let me introduce you a little pink piggy who comes from a thing called 'television' and will worm her way in to your children's hearts ...

Peppa Pig *oink* (the snort is not optional - it's compulsory!)

Peppa Pig World is a big,new ,shiny addition to Paultons Park theme park, located just off exit 2 of the M27 , close to the edge of the New Forest National Park. And today we were lucky enough to go along as a family, Mamma and Papasaurus, Bean,3, and Ozzy,2, to check out what all the hype has been about.

Firstly I'll cut to the chase - Peppa Pig World itself. Clean and shiny and oozing infectious Peppa Piggyness that even impressed hardened Papasaurus . The kiddies were totally overwhelmed and  just stood and gawped for a good few minutes as we entered - not knowing where to go first - it all looked so fun packed! It's a lot to take in for two so little! There were smiles and pointing and they were smitten at first sight. It's been well thought out too, there are many little touches that serve well at distracting little minds whilst queuing. But I know what you are thinking - the queues are terrible - well not always the case - if you read on I'll have a guide on avoiding the queues, saving money and keeping the children happy below...

There are 7 new rides at Peppa Pig World as well as many other attractions - parks, picnic areas and such fun things as Peppa Pigs House to see (not to mention a massive shop). You can check out all the details of individual rides here on the Peppa Pig World website.

But here to whet your appetite are some snaps -

But Peppa Pig World is only the start because when you hop along there you still get the whole of Paultons Park to explore too ! There are lots of rides but you do have to be aware of the height restrictions. We found it is best to do this in advance of going, measure your little ones height and double check which rides they can on go by looking at the Paultons website and  make a note of them and then you can find them either on your leaflets map that you are given on entry or on the numerous signposts around the park itself. Bean and Oz are both under the 90cm mark and we found that we easily had enough rides to take them on and things to do about the place throughout the day.

There are also non-ride attractions that your pre-schoolers can enjoy such as a bouncy castle area and trampolines, a Dinosaur Land walk and loads of birds dotted about - ostriches, flamingos,toucans and more. Picnic spots both shady and sunny are in abundance too.

Some snaps from around Paultons for you -

Here are my Top Tips for organising your day and saving some money at Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World...

  • Book your tickets in advance if you can, you save a small amount on the entrance fee if you book online plus on the day you won't have to spend time queuing to buy tickets at the front gate.
  • Children under 1m tall go FREE. If you are local like me it really pays to buy a season ticket (which many mothers I know have).
  • Be prepared ! Measure your childs height, look on the Paultons website and make a list of all the rides that are suitable for your child/ren. we did this and then sat the kiddies down to look at the pictures of the rides they could go on - they loved this,felt involved and knew what to expect ! It saves so much time if you know what rides you can go on and where they are.
  • There's going to be an element of walking for little legs - if you have a buggy -take it! there are so many places to leave buggies when you go on rides and excited little legs need to rest.
  • Take a picnic ! You can buy food there but there are so many places to picnic, picnic tables and grassy areas, sunny and shady- another bonus in taking a buggy is you can hang your picnic bag on it ;)
  • To avoid the queues get there just before the park opens at 10am, get in and get your bottys to Peppa Pig World - in the summer hols you have about 40 minutes before queues start to appear and it gets very VERY busy indeed. Outside of the summer hols it's not anywhere near as bad. Like any theme park in the summer holidays -it's going to get busy- and we all know that Peppa Pig is super popular.We got there at 10am, went on 3 rides and didn't queue for longer than 5-10 minutes for each.
  • Don't forget the rest of Paultons Park - mid August summer holidays and we didn't have to queue for any of these rides for more than 3-5 minutes (at this point the world and his wife were crammed into P.Pig World)! For Bean and Ozzy the Trekking Tracotrs were wonderful fun,as were the teacups, ladybird ride,flying frog, viking boats, seal falls, rabbit ride, digger ride and the Rio Grande train. And parks - little play areas dotted about in several places.
  • And if little legs need a rest Ozzy would recommend the grassy bank by his much favoured Digger Ride where you can sit and watch the 'big children' go whooooosing down the log flumes!
So that's it from Bean, Ozzy, Papasaurus and myself - the verdict - a brilliant day out ! Just prepare in advance, get there early and make sure your little one knows that it's not 'just' Peppa Pig world because in the summer holidays because, as with any theme park in August, it's going to get busy !
For more details on Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World  including places to stay check out their websites - Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

*I recieved 2x complimentaryadult tickets for entry into Paultons Park/Peppa Pig World from the parks PR team after contacting contact with them re:reviweing. I can assure you that if we did not have a positive experience on our visit then I would not have posted about it and politely informed them. I am a member of British Mummy Bloggers and I believe in blogging with integrity. I do not review many products and will continue to remain selective about what we choose to review. *

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