Does Your Family Read Your Blog ?


Ah blogging - the gift that keeps on giving ... First you have that *ching* moment when you have an idea for a post, then you have the pleasure of writing it. Now those two stages are why I blog personally - I just enjoy it.  Bonus happiness comes in the form of comments - to know that someone, somewhere feels the same and came relate to you. Finally subscriptions, the hardcore few who want too receive your posts by email or in their RSS reader always brings a smile ,even to the most seasoned blogger. Imagine then my surprise when I I awoke to find an email informing me I have a new subscriber - my MOTHER ! And on the one morning I post about spooning too - oh dear! Luckily knowing my mum who in turn knows me I'm sure she won't be too surprised, however she did post 'TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!' on the Mammasaurus Facebook wall as a comment to the posts link...

I have been asked of late if Papasaurus reads my blog too. The short answer - not much. It doesn't really interest him that much, of course sods law meant that he too saw the word 'spooning' yesterday and decided to read the post in full. After a brief 10 minutes of sulking he was back to normal and vowed to up the ante with less spooning more 'quality' from now on - so thats a bonus ;)

Also Papasaurus is my BritMums Live! sponsor so far so I should mention that he is a *ahem* fabulous father, husband and lover, attentive of my every need and very well endowed. (Also he's the one with the money).

Soooo does your family read your blog ? If so who ? And has it led to any raised eyebrows or arguements ?!