Team Fanny or Team Vagina ?


Fanny or vagina ? Girly bits or vajaja ?  At some point, usually when you least expect it you have to give your childs 'private parts' a name. But how do you chose ? An imaginative title maybe or are you a stickler for using the correct anatomical name ?! It's an important decision - after all it won't be long before they can talk and no one wants to hear their darling daughter yell ' MUMMY! WEE WEE COMES OUT OF MY FANJITA!' proudly in public -  hell hath no fury like an honest,matter-of-fact pre-schooler.

I haven't actually set out to write this post at all, the post I have sat down to do is about with my 3 year old, however in order to write that post I need to decide what to call girls 'private parts'.The whole dillema got me wondering about naming your privates and so I asked some friends on Facebook what they called theirs...

Now I'd like to point out that we're talking in terms of names for children to use so don't bombard me with the likes of 'The Pork Crusader', 'Private Purple' or anything even roughly connected to hamburgers or I'll go completely mental...(personally I use vajaja or fanjita but hey I'm guessing that you don't really want to hear that).

My girls have always called them their 'girly bits'. I always thought 'fanny'  sounded a bit old-skool and vagina too clinical. So after correlating answers from a few fellow mummies I can report  that I have - 1 vagina, 2 fannys, 1 'Mary' , 1 'flower' and 1 'privates'. Flower ?!

So come on , enlighten me on with your choice of name so I can make a decision on what name I should be using in the future post !

Annie Spratt29 Comments