'Flaming Friday' - Your thoughts please on Childrens TV Presenters and their insane, non stop smiling


Pre-School childrens TV presenters - those happy people, always smiling and jolly -even at 6 in the morning. I for one do not  trust 'em one little bit. Look at them with their bloody white toothy grins.

These are supposed adult role models for your kiddies and I'm telling you right now that no mortal parent can maintain that level of smiling and cheeriness 12 hours a day ! The reality of course is that this perky souls go to work for a few hours a day, probably after a hearty breakfast and few dozen coffees and film some links for programmes whilst making our kids think that  human beings that are off their tits on pure joy at 6am do exist !

Personally I like to think  that Alex from CBeebies (you know Alex, he always grins and speaks in a lovely soft voice that no father could maintain for more than an hour at any time) is a bit different outside his work on CBeebies. And obviously this isn't what he does at the end of a day but rather what I like to imagine he does... I like to think that he goes home after a hard days grinning to slam the front door, kick the family dog, tell his wife that her cooking is bollocks before lighting up a fat cuban and smoking it whilst he bounces Alex Junior upon his knee.

Am I being too harsh here ? What do you think about the smiling band of Childrens TV presenters ?