Letters to the Tooth Fairy . . .


Back in 'the day' you could get away with smuggling a 20p piece under your childs pillow when their tooth fell out, I'm guessing nowadays it's a bit different... Beans teeth haven't started falling out yet but she's already excited and rabbiting on about wobbly teeth. I blame the local library. She's managed to squirrel a few tooth related books into her bedtime reading pile on the last few visits to the library. We read these books at bedtime so  she's getting it drummed into her before she kips and it's really starting to sink in as she keeps on telling me she's got a wobbly tooth now. Of course like any paranoid-about-anything-and-everything mummy I have to check each time she states this - just in case it's true.

The worst offender is Charlie and Lolas 'My wobbly tooth must never,ever, fall out'. It's in her bedtime reading pile every night without fail. It's bad enough that it reminds her about the whole 'teeth fall out' thing but Charlie and Lola and books completely, absolutely, totally DO MY HEAD IN TO READ. My hubby is the same with them too so it's not just one of my odd foibles like Baby Jake ...

Being subjected to so much toothy banter from Bean has somehow triggered a memory, the memory of my eldest son,Wombat and how he had 2 or 3 fall out within a week once.Getting quite money obsessed with all his new found monetary fortune at the time we had quite a chuckle one morning when making his bed finding under his pillow a letter asking :

"Dear Tooth Fairy,

I haven't got any wobbly teeth but do you take other white things for money like piano keys and shells ?

Love, Tom"

And after much digging hubby no.1 has found these beautys -