Flaming Friday - BumbleBee SixtyFour ? Here Miss !


Unless you have been living in a tent, up a hill, alone, with no contact with the outside world, feeding off sheep droppings you'll most likely have heard that the Beckhams have named their new baby daughter 'Harper Seven'. I'm thinking it sounds like either the title of a Sci-Fi film or something you'd hear being shouted outside Strangeways - "FREE THE HARPER SEVEN!"

There's been some wacky names such as Hero and Sunday coming through from celeb-land. What's wrong with Barry and Glynis - and Queenie is going to totally die out unless someone acts now !

If I was one to go with the trend I'd be changing all my kids middle names to numbers quick smart - I was thinking '666' has a good ring to it...

So this weeks Flaming Friday topic for discussion is - Harper Seven - What do you think ? Good or barking mad ?

Annie Spratt1 Comment