Tuesdays Tales from the Supermarket - Spice up your shop with BOOBS


The supermarket run - mind numbling stressful, pushing a heavy trolley with one hand with a list in the other, one eye on the list and the other on the kids checking they are happy and out of mischief, dodging fellow shoppers trolleys, trying not to snap at the old folk who seem to insist on squeezing every freaking apple before they put them back only to not buy them and at the end of this hour of fun fun fun you  get to pay for it all at the checkout *takes a deep breath*  which is followed by a mega moan by hubby about how the cost of shopping has shot up lately. Did I mention that I would rather hack off my right arm with a rusty junior hacksaw than visit the supermarket?! So imagine my joy when a friend told me about a little game to play in the herb and spice section! It’s easy and will leave you smiling for the rest of your shop… if you are brave then take a photo of yourself posing by your handywork…

How to Play Supermarket Scrabble –

In Supermarket Scrabble players take advantage of the fact that stores emphasise the first letter of herbs in a large font on the label. The mischievous shoppers rearrange the pots to spell out offensive words, for instance taking two pots of bay leaves, two of oregano  and a jar of sage to spell out 'BOOBS'. I have also managed to spell GIMP with Garam Masala, Indian Spices, Mace and Paprika.

It’s a win-win-win situation … I’m happy, the apple squeezing old folk get annoyed and fellow shoppers will get a cheeky surprise when they go to buy herbs.

Come on you know you want to try it !

Annie Spratt4 Comments