"All mummy bloggers are moaning man-haters"- discuss - on 'Flaming Friday'


Roll up, roll up,ladies and gentlemen and welcome to 'Flaming Friday'! Every Friday I'll be posting a quote from the past week, it might be something said in the news, by a celeb or just something someone has said to me in the past week that I'd love to hear your views / rants on.

This week, it has to be my hubby I'm afraid ( I'd like to point out that he is really very nice indeed 99% of the time). I asked him to read one of my posts to see what he thought - and I quote "I'm not really interested in it to be honest" followed by a controversial nugget of epic stereotypical proportions that I thought I'd ask for opinions on ... ready...

"All mums that blog are moaning man-haters"

Needless to say  I have given him the fork that I use for the dog food at tea time as a hi-5 to the sisterhood, but I'd love to know your thoughts on this !!!