Room 101 - Top 10 worst foods to get in your childs hair

Room 101 - Top 10 worst foods to get in your childs hair


Fear not brave reader we are not talking n-i-t-s (I can't even write that as one word as even that makes me itch), nor are we discussing bugs, slugs, snails - although technically I guess they are food for something... No, this is the Top 10 foods that you hate to find still matted in your little darlings barnet at the end of a long day.

If you are lucky enough to have one of those children with naturally tangle free,straight hair then you are one lucky banana. My childrens hair has always been quite thick but my youngest daughter, Kitty ,3, has what I can only describe as a 'birds nest' vibe going on with her hair do. It's straight when brushed but within 2.5 minutes of combing it puffs out into a semi-curly mass akin to a scarecrows straw tangle. And at the end of the day I always find some food from the day left in her matted locks when I brush it . (I appreciate that you most likely have a mental image of her as some sort of street urchin right now!)

Here is my Top 10 list of the worst foods to get in your childs hair -

  • Weetabix - yes ramping in at the top spot is that dreaded breakfast cereal. Kids tend to love it but if all traces of it are not instantly removed it sets like                                 concrete.
  • Syrup - not the most healthy but once in the hair, impossible to get out.
  • Jam - and if it gets into the hair at breakfast will attract wasps for the rest of the day
  • Ice-cream - sets clear in the hair so you don't know what you are dealing with until you try and brush, a major problem in those kiddies who like to lick their bowl.
  • Chocolate - spread, sweets you name it -if it's chocolately it melts and then re-sets rock solid.
  • Yoghurt coated raisins - or yoghurt coated fruit, those lovely little bags, ideal for long journeys in the car. Warms in their palms then those little fingers end up inevitably on their heads.
  • Ready-Brek / Porridge - With the global financial crisis (or credit clang as I like to call it) parents are having to re-assess their weekly shop as finances are stretched, many are turning to porridge, that wholesome,filling old 'favourite'. Start of your day gloopy and some of it will remain with your tot for the rest of the day - clumping narly strands of hair together.
  • Hummus - and such dips / anything that has things dipped in it such as breadsticks,carrot or celery in (if your child is completely mad). Once on these long,slender sticks they get manoeuvred somewhat precariously to your toddlers open mouth - 7/10 times missing on target and jabbing the hair.
  • Tomato sauce - be it the sauce type that many children like with every thing or the tomatoey sauce in lasagnes, baked beans and pasta dishes - all does the same job.
  • Yoghurt - My 2 year old still likes to switch between using his spoon to eat yoghurt (when I am looking) to using his fingers / holding the pot to his mouth and trying to lick the contents out (when I am not looking).
That's just my Top 10 ,hardly definitive though so what are your worst hair-matting food stuffs to add to it ?
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Self-portrait @ 6am

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