disgusting gastronomical delights

"Mama - what's for tea?"

"Chicken wraps darling - with yummy grated cheese and peppers, totally nutritionally balanced for your growing bodys needs, made with love and effort for you and even though your father and I prefer spicy food we'll be eating this bland meal with you because we love to all eat together - it's special family time"

"YUCK! No mama I want  chocolate spread!"

It's happened to the best of us, we've tried to make something a bit different for tea time, try a new recipe, something we are convinced that our little darlings will savour and gobble up double quick - after all it'll have all the things they love in  -right ? Wrong ! Generally even if you put all their foodie faves on the plate in one mish-mash meal chances are they'll greet it with suspicion.

For example, only this morning I was thinking how I had had to put peas on Kittys plate for a month or so before she'd even try them. However she once stole an olive from my plate and now eats 10 a day every day without fail. Such is the joy of toddler feeding - there is no logic and it cannot be second guessed so my advice is just give up and go with it... Which got me thinking - for all the yummy things I have unsuccessfully tried to get the kids to   taste there are an equal amount of disgusting things that I have caught my children munching on over the years...(and yes these are true things that I have caught my delightful brood eating )

  • spiders
  • a snail
  • a block of cheese stolen from the fridge
  • a worm
  • grass
  • dirt
  • scabs
  • the worst of all was finding my son, sitting under the hedge in the back garden devouring a raw sausage that he had pilfered from the fridge.

A charming selection I'm sure you'll agree , but the thing that really freaks me out is that those are the things that I have found them eating ... imagine what they have managed to gobble up when I haven't been looking !

My boys have by far eaten more yucky things than the girls - what about you - what's the worst thing you have caught your child feasting on ?