How Does Your Garden Grow

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 I planted this - I know! Me!

Can you believe it, for once I actually have some news on how my own garden is growing! This week we removed a couple of small raised beds that we built in the garden 6 years ago.  Originally put up to accommodate veggie patches, they were fine before I started working full time, but for the past 3 years they've been pretty much neglected. 

We decided that we needed a more simplistic approach to our own garden,  something that required less maintenance but still looked lovely. I've been coveting the roses at Mottisfont and my mums garden recently, and have always had a bit of a soft spot for David Austin roses - so I took myself online...

From my mums garden ^^^^

We dismantled the beds, and used the sleepers to create a raised border at the end of our front garden, against the 8ft hight brick wall.  This will accommodate three David Austin climbing roses, which I researched to be great for repeat flowering, North Facing walls. I chose A Shropshire Lad (pink) , Claire Austin (white) and Teasing Georgia (yellow). 

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours prepping the area, digging the holes, adding manure and Mycorrhizal Fungi and planting them. We were really impressed with the quality (and size!) of the potted rose bushes and  amount of buds already on them. This morning we've a single pink rose starting to bloom - and it feels so nice to wake up, look out of the window and see it. I'm really looking forward to one day looking out to see the whole wall covered in them.

 My first rose 

Update: Since taking this photo the bloom has opened right up - I am officially on rose-watch!

Hope you are having a great week outside too :)