How Does Your Garden Grow

192. HDYGG

 apple blossom

apple blossom

*wanders in, scratches bottom, looks around*

Yup this'll do.

Spring is undeniably here, new life has sprung in the gardens and hedgerows. What better time to re-start a weekly HDYGG? For the sake of sustainability, I'll be posting these every Sunday morning. The old Thursday time slot was a bit of a ritual, but now I'm working full time my week days are pretty occupied so I feel like visiting a garden in the week, and taking time to sit down and share it at the weekend when things are a lot calmer makes more sense.

Completely out of the usual Annie behaviour the first photo is from my own garden, the apple tree looks promising this year. It was pretty barren last year, and it seems to be following  a 'year on, year off' pattern. This year, I'm happy to report, is the 'year on'. Apple pis, apple crumble, baked apples, apple muffins and apple jam here we come (ok, that might be a little over-optimistic considering the size of the tree but a girl can dream!)

^ current plants thriving that I am trying my best to deter Flynn from peeing on. Flynn is our greyhound btw, not some random old man who walking round the village urinating in gardens. 

Over in my mother's garden, it's a bloom-fest. She's been caring for her best friend who has  Alzheimer's for the past few years and sadly the condition has been advancing more rapidly recently. She only gets an hour here and there in her garden these days, but it still looks beautiful and it's a lovely haven for her to return to.

And finally, not strictly 100% pure garden, but here's some lovely things I spotted walking the doggo round our village the other evening...

It's been lovely focusing on what's around me outdoors this week, I hope you have been enjoying the outdoors too - and if you have any gardens or natural loveliness ๐ŸŒฟ to share, please do pop it in the linky dinky thing below. (Do people even still do linkies?! Are they even a thing these days? Goodness I feel like a little old lady trying to suss out the internetz for the very first time ๐Ÿ™ˆ)

nb: it took me a good 10 minutes to remember where to get the linky code from ๐Ÿ˜‚