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6 thoughts on “187. HDYGG”

  1. There can never be too many photos of hellebores. We have some in our garden but they aren’t doing anything yet β€” you always seems to be ahead with these things. Like the daffs, still none in sight round here. I’ll keep my eye out for tattoo action on Instagram. My guess is something botanical… or my name. xx

  2. so curious as to what you are getting for a tattoo. can’t wait to see. and florida? now that i’m no longer there you go to florida? have a great time. xx

  3. Love the Helleborus ”Pink Frost” and the striking Fatsia ”Spider’s Web” ……..two new ones to me !

    Enjoy Florida !

  4. Snap, although I have seriously less hellebores but some hydrangeas to make up for it. Hope today went well, and Florida sounds fab. And tough work obvs.

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