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6 thoughts on “185. HDYGG at RHS Wisley”

  1. whoa! these are gorgeous. what a beautiful place. miss the butterflies. ans miss Kitty…. so lovely. she just needed time to grow into herself. she is going to be an amazing human. xx

  2. love the colours on the butterfly in the first picture. bet the butterflies loved feasting on Kitty’s jumper

  3. Oh those butterflies pics 😍 I’m glad to read about Kitty’s increased confidence.

  4. Gorgeous pictures and lovely to hear how Kitty has blossomed – bet the butterflies loved the gingerbread, hope you didn’t tell them it was butterfly shaped! :O

  5. Aha I can indeed comment! Sorry I have indeed recently read some of your posts and looked at your gorgeous photos but thought the comments were turned off!! Anyway I digress…beautiful beautiful photos and must see if I can get the twins to RHS Wisley while the butterflies are still fluttering about xx

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