185. HDYGG at RHS Wisley

Butterflies in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley sees 6,000 exotic butterflies of 50 different varieties flying free around the Tropical Glasshouse.

Kitty and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Victoria from Southbourne Gardens at the weekend at RHS Wisley. Kitty was particularly excited to discover that Butterflies in the Glasshouse is running again (ends 5th March 2017).

As you can see below, she was rather popular with them. We spotted that butterfly pulling a teeny tiny crumb from her cardigan. She had eaten a gingerbread butterfly just prior to entering the glasshouse - her sugary fingers were a butterfly magnet.  On her hand, just out of shot, is a Glass Wing butterfly that sat on her finger for a good five minutes as she walked around the glasshouse.

Her shyness has nearly completely been replaced with confidence over the past few months, and it was lovely to see her talking to people who came over to see the girl that butterflies were landing on. A couple of years ago and she would have covered her ears and shouted 'no no' at moments like this. And to think that I was so worried about her, she simply needed time to gain confidence at her own pace. I'm super-proud of her.

She loved the butterflies, and has the free spotter guide that they hand out to visitors upon entry, next to her bed for browsing before she sleeps. 

 butterflies in the glasshouse, rhs wisley

One of the things that I love about RHS Wisley is that no matter what time of the year you visit, there's always something different to see. The only downside was that we forgot to buy some of the many labelled varieties of apples from the Wisley Orchard that were on sale at the entrance - gah! 

 Glasshouse at RHS Wisley

Thank you to everyone who joined in with 184. How Does Your Garden Grow?  - I loved the hoppy garden, the wild flower winter path, the greenhouse beauty, snowy trees and catching up with Suzannes garden.