183. How Does Your Garden Grow?

 terracotta pots

Sorry for the lack of HDYGG last week, l've been somewhat unmotivated blog-wise, but more on that in another post. I visited my mother at the weekend and enjoyed some time mooching about her garden, no word of a lie when I returned home that night I dreamt of terracotta!

Although you can't see it I've some cut Hyacinths on my desk here where I sit, giving off the most wonderful scent. A scent that my brain heavily associates with Spring - and one that makes me literally faceplant them at least three times a day. I remember when my friend Tanya was on a trip to Holland once, she sent me a message with a photo of huge fields of hyacinths all around her, of every colour. I've never wanted to be somewhere more in my entire life - imagine the smell!

Sorry I've gone off on a tangent... back to the garden!


Birds have been pilfering my mums succulent planters, uprooting and nicking so many plants. We're not quite sure what their obsession is but  she's taken to covering the troughs with upturned wire baskets and the like. Stay safe my precioussssss.

Below you can see some hyacinth bulbs that was mum was given for her birthday recently - I've not seen the bulbs on wet pebbles before, have you?

 hyacinth bulbs
 terracotta pots
 weathered pots

And finally, I couldn't resist sharing this...

 vintage gardening book

Thanks to everyone who joined in the week before last, I'd love to know your thoughts on making HDYGG a monthly linky rather than a weekly one. Open all month to join in with any many or as few times as you like...

I hope that everyone is keeping warm, I've just been out on my morning walk and it was -2 degrees. Brrr - but on the plus side yay for frosted ferns. Until next time garden hounds - mwah!