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7 thoughts on “182. HDYGG, the frosty new year edition”

  1. What the Hell is normal? We had very special natural tree from the park this year – just a big branch but beautiful and free! I love how you see the beauty in life and a Happy New Year to you!

  2. happy new year! so beautiful. it hasn’t gotten that cold here yet. we have had the mildest fall and winter. but, we’re supposed to get snow this weekend. we shall see. my post is from 2 weeks ago. because that’s how i roll. xx

  3. Super frosty photo’s ! Was worried about my Anemones which have come up early, but the super frost doesn’t seem to have effected them……thankfully ..phew 1

  4. I have no idea what frosty mornings feel like anymore, but i did require a fleece at 5.30am this morning, hover by midday i was swimming in the sea. The sandpit is still just that I’m afraid at the moment, no plants growing anywhere, other than in small trays that i must plant out soon

  5. Happy new year! Those daffodils are early, even for the early ones. There has been quite a bit of frost lately and I must admit, opening the curtains to a cold frosty morning does put a smile on my face. It does mean the bids are ganniting the way through their food though… can’t keep up with them.

  6. Your photos are just amazing and everything looks so pretty in the frost. I need to get back to Hilliers soon and eagerly awaiting Exbury to reopen too!

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