182. HDYGG, the frosty new year edition

"Baby it's cold outside"

Happy New Year!

Bloody freezing to be more precise! I took a morning walk around Hillier Gardens, crunching through frosty grass on a clear, blue-skied Winters morning. It was one of those feel-good-to-the-core-of-your-soul moments. Especially when I saw these...


An early flowering variety but even so, so soon! And seeing the buds and pink flowers appearing on the trees all coated in sparkly frost was just perfect. Yeah, I know I sound far too soppy but it was a really lovely moment.

How was your Christmas? Are you back to 'normal' now? We took down our tree yesterday and I must admit I felt rather sad about it, I'd rather got used to having a tree in the house. What I need is a giant 8ft tall houseplant - to Google I go!