181. HDYGG - the festive edition

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin laid an egg...

 christmas berries

Oh yes, I'm feeling festive - the tree is up, we've made lovely mulled cider (using this recipe) and I spent my day off yesterday wrapping presents and writing out cards. We've been listening a lot to the Apple playlist 'A Very Folk Christmas' but being a child of the 80's it always ends up going back to a bit of Shakey, Wizzard and of course Slade (but never Last Christmas by Wham, or The Pogues Fairy Tale of New York, ever, ever, ever).


I visited my family at the weekend, exchanging gifts before Christmas, catching up and returning with so much mistletoe thanks to my mum!

 vintage christmas cards

I even made my own Christmas cards this year, which is a first. I love the vintage Christmas cards that I have collected (see above) and wanted to incorporate them into cards - but without ruining the cards. I also wanted to create cards that were simple. I ordered some Kraft brown card and envelopes online with no actual clue of what I was going to put on them.

Then inspiration struck! I took a photo of the messages on the inside of the vintage Christmas cards with my iPhone. I uploaded them one by one to the Adobe Capture app and turned the photo into a scalable svg file. It's magic how the app does that, it really is!

From a grainy photo of the inside of a card to this, that could be scaled to any size it preety darn impressive.

I then create new images in Photoshop with a transparent backgrounds, and added the svg files that had synced with my Photoshop via Adobe Creative Cloud. Finally I saved them and printed them out on the cards. I'm really chuffed with how they turned out!

 homemade christmas cards
 homemade christmas cards

We bought our Christmas tree from a local garden centre, an 8 foot beast of a tree, it's already manage to break one tree stand under it's weight! I didn't plan my phototaking this week very well, when will I learn that a light winter day is rare and so that I should drop everything and take all the photos I might need for the week ahead?! 

 christmas decorations

Merry Christmas to my lovely HDYGG friends, wherever you are I hope that you and yours enjoy a special Christmas together xx

HDYGG will be back in the New Year, I'll leave this linky open until then.