180. HDYGG

 Christmas wreath
 Christmas wreath
 chapel garden

Hello garden hounds! Welcome to this week's HDYGG and I'd like to start off by saying a huge sorry that I am behind on reading the posts from last week. Christmas right? Cards to write, trees to decorate, presents to wrap and most importantly - mince pies to eat.

Kitty nailed it yesterday when she turned to me and said 'time feels like it's moving really fast - this year has gone by in a whizz!' I hear ya Kitty, I hear ya!

I've just a few photos to share this week, taken at the recent Making Winter Retreat that I went to with fellow HDYGG-ers  Gemma and Kriss. We carved spoons together, with axes. Bonded for life now ;)

We discovered an amazing chapel in the medieval village that the retreat was held in. The garden was full to the bordering on the overgrown and it was full of interesting pots and statues - it caught our eyes right away.

What's that you say? Do I have any photos of Gemma and Kriss in action? You betcha...

Look at those happy little faces! That's the power of spoon carving for you.

 Making Winter Retreat
 Making Winter Retreat

Thanks to everyone who joined in last week - next week will be the final HDYGG for 2016, the return of 'Christmas Tree sharing episode'! I'll keep that linky open until the first Thursday of 2017.