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11 thoughts on “171. HDYGG”

  1. oh, that green house is what dreams are made of. what a wonderful way to spend the day Annie. the bees however make me nervous. love the new blog look also. nice and fresh! xx -Claudia

  2. Welcome back to WP Annie 🙂 Your blog is looking fan-dabba-doozy! I’m in awe of the onion and garlic strings; i tried to do this with our harvest a couple of years ago but mine were laughable in comparison. Sorry i haven’t joined in with hdygg for the last couple of weeks, i’ve been a bit distracted on the blogging front :-/ can’t wait to see your succulents.

  3. I must admit I felt a little nervous holding a tray covered in hundreds and hundreds of bees for a moment – but it was pretty awesome. I now want to take a bee keeping course!Hope all is good with the new house Claudia xx

  4. Why thanks Gemma, I’m already noticing how faster it is to create a post, share the post and most importantly manage the photos :)Not long till the retreat *excited face*

  5. No terracotta pots Annie? I love the idea of the pear growing in the bottle, it’ll have to wait till I get back to the UK to try this. I’m planting bee friendly flowers this year, honey is a big business over here.

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