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8 thoughts on “170. HDYGG”

  1. i would love to spend time in your mum’s garden Annie. she does such a phenomenal job. lucky you! xx -Claudia

  2. There is just so much in your Mum’s garden and so like Claudia has just said, I too would love to spend some time there.

  3. Your mum’s garden is somewhere I’d also like to wander, sit down and relax and then wander again. And if it rains in the summerhouse I go! xx

  4. It’s always so pretty and so much to see, I really love all the collection of pots, gives me some ideas for my own garden. Really must get some succulents to pretty up the patio.

  5. Your Mum’s garden is looking super as always! I must get more creative with my use of containers — we have a lot of terracotta pots but not much else. It rained earlier today and I stood on a WHOPPER of a slug in the garden. It was so fat and hard that even though I properly stepped on it, it wasn’t squashed. Urgh! Need Pecker to come back and gobble it up.

  6. I do like the sunlight at the moment. A bit rubbish for getting my washing dried but super for photography! I think every time I see your Mum’s garden I spotted something else that catches my eye.

  7. love your mums garden although i may have said that quite a few times already. i also love terracotta pots and they are the only containers i can use in the garden, as plastic pots and glazed ones cause the soil to overheat in Dubai and the plants don’t survive.

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