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Wotcha! Greetings from Chez Spratt, where the slugs are relishing the wet weather and the weeds seem to have found a second wind. I'll spare you the photos of the slug damage (to my foot that is not the plants - a rather unpleasant late night walking-in-the-garden-barefoot incident *boak*)

At the weekend I visited my mum. It was lovely, as always to be mooching in her garden. This time of the year, when the sun isn't so glaring and the greens are really really green is my favourite. Greens and terracotta are a new obsession of mine. Move over hydrangeas, mamma's got a brand new bag!

Enough of my gabbling, here's how my mother's garden grows at the moment...


Carnations, picked up for pence from a store (I want to say B&Q but I'm not 100% sure), they were in a sorry state. But my mum, being savvy, know that if they were re-potted in some good soil and given a bit of love would bounce back - and so they have!

terracotta pots

The Summerhouse is looking good, filling up with bits & bobs, it's going to provide essential storage for the pots and plants that can't take the frost in the months to come. I'm still madly in love with this structure and I must admit I've daydreamed of having such a sanctuary in my own garden many times.

terracotta pots
terracotta pots

The path to the front door is a treasure trove of planters, vintage items, plants, flowers, berries, shelves. It's the sort of path that looks lovely now, but I can imagine if I had seen this as a young child it would have simply been the most magical thing!


Thanks to everyone who joined in last week, some faves include: Tanya's Gin Garden (because y'know GIN), Rosie's Herb Bed, Eyam Hall Gardens from Ness, Suzanne's trip down Malverny Memory Lane and Claudia's hood (she's in her new home now - huzzah!)

And thanks to my mum for the garden beauty!