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8 thoughts on “169. HDYGG – Château de Hautefort”

  1. There is something about the stone of a French Chateau that just makes my heart skip a beat. Always so beautiful. Thanks for mentioning my Chawton post too!

  2. what a beautiful place with what looks like also amazing views. i love a good green jungle but i also love some good landscape art. this place has it! xx -Claudia

  3. Screeching in to add a post whilst also on a 2 day manic trip to the UK so will be back to comment properly when I get back to France 🙂

  4. I think the built the chateau so high just so they could get great views of the gardens! There’s something quite special about a French formal garden. I don’t think anyone else does it quite so well.

  5. French formal gardens can be rather spectacular…and what a view! Love the contrast of the stone and the flowers.

  6. I’m back! Boy those hedges are beautiful but what a faff to keep trimmed. The French certainly knew how to show off their wealth in more ways than just posh clothes and a big château – you couldn’t be poor if you had an army of hedge trimmers to keep you back garden looking swish 😉

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