168. HDYGG


I don’t know if it’s inevitable that a great love will dwindle over time, or that the sudden surge in hydrangea based Instagram posts has all just proved too much, but *whispers* I think I’m nearly over hydrangeas.

I know right? Ironically this weeks HDYGG is 90% hydrangea based *mwhaha*. Photos from a last-week-of-the-summer-hols stroll round Exbury Gardens with Kitty, a most excellent mooching companion.



So many colours going on, not as bright as they once were, but the variety is on point.




I was happy to see some bees going about their business. We haven’t seen many around since our lavender past it’s prime.

Japanese Anenome

Exbury Gardens has a world-famous collection of rhododendrons and some of them have mahoosive leaves – I used Kitty for leaf ratio purposes, much to her delight (note: sarcasm).

big leaves

big leaves

Finally, hydrangea watering action. Phwoarrrrr *rubs knees*


Thanks to everyone who joined in last week, I really enjoyed my Sunday reading them!

11 replies on “ 168. HDYGG ”
  1. these are so mysterious and fall like…. so good! and say it isn’t so. over hydrangeas? it’s like me being over orchids. can’t be. xx -Claudia
    ps- thank you for linking me!

  2. I think Instagram can be awful for the over saturation of things, I’m sure your love for hydrangeas will pick up again when the time is right.
    Love how moody your photos look, so much character captured in each one. And those leaves are ridiculously amazing in size, I saw the tiniest holly leaves the other day, I think they would have been smaller that Kitty’s finger nails in comparison…nature sure is weird!

  3. wow those leaves are huge. looks like a wonderful place to explore. I do love hydrangeas, but they don’t seem to last long. I’m starting an after school gardening club next month and I’m off this week to explore an indoor rain forest ‘only’ in Dubai

  4. I’m sure once the hydrangea petals have turned to skeleton blooms and the frost make the leaves droop you’ll be wanting the summer to come round again.

  5. I wreckon once you’ve gone a whole Winter without seeing hydrangeas any and Spring rolls around, you’ll be giddy over them again. Kitty looks small against those leaves — love her outfit! If it was available in an adults size I’d wear it. I didn’t spot the bees the first time, I think I’m a bit unobservant today!!

  6. ah! comments…. you have comments. And a blog…. and yet no emails…so confusing… clearly, my whole stalking you thing is failing at the moment.

    Love this it is utterly dreamy. I do love a fade hydrandea and having completely lost my instagram mojo, I’ve not idea what’s going on there. Therefore, this is absolutely unique and lovely.
    Must email you soon and catch up, it’s been ages.

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