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girl holding raspberries

Well hello September! I've become a little Autumn obsessed already, our daily walk in the forest has opened my eyes to some of the early signs and changes. I totally did a little 'eee!' noise when I saw a yellowy orange leaf on a tree yesterday. I don't enjoy Summer like the other seasons, maybe it's a pale person thing, or maybe it's just that if I had my way every day would be corduroy & knitwear weather, gathering kindling from the forest and lighting the woodburner...

At the weekend we visited Grandma & Grandad, the joys of Grandma's home cooked Sunday roasts at the stuff of legends around these parts. Many of the vegetables we ate were grown in Grandad's garden so it seemed only right to go out and have a look at how his garden has been growing.

I love how Kitty takes straight to the garden, though the majority of her time is spent picking berries!


Ok so I *might* have overdone it with the hydrangea photos. Talking of hydrangeas, Kitty and I visited Exbury Gardens yesterday and had the nicest time exploring huge hydrangea bushes and watching them being watered - photos to come (now there's a surprise!)

I'll leave you with some wild sweet peas. I always shoot a double take look at them just because to see sweet peas growing along the ground instead of upwards seems so alien.

wild sweet peas

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Cotswold village gardens, shades of pink & the allotment in August.

I feel that I should add an apology if I'm not managing to find you on Instagram as much these days, since the feed changes they made I don't even get to see the most recent photos, but suggestions, some of which are d day old - it's really very frustrating!