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7 thoughts on “Hitchin Lavender Farm”

  1. sunflower fileds always remind me of portugal and my grandfather’s sunflower fields….. sorry Ozzy and Kitty were not feeling well. hope is passed. have a happy weekend! xx -Claudia

  2. Blimey it was so hot wasnt it?!! But great to see you and to share some Pringles and stuffed loaf. Loving the shots you got, always love seeing how other people photograph things that I also saw and to see how different the pics are

  3. I can smell the lavender from here! My friend has lavender on the path running up to her front door so there is joy in my heart before I even see her.

  4. Sad I missed out on the lavender day but from reading this it sounds like my super pasty skin was better off indoors. As it happens, your visit to sunflowers-ville coincided with the sunflowers in my garden opening πŸ™‚ Poppies and lavender compliment each other beautifully. Thanks for including my bird post in your faves <3

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