164. HDYGG

Hi honey, I’m home! So, HDYGG as usual *hopes no one remembers blogging blip crisis breakdown* Oh how I’ve missed you garden-fiends, a catch up is exactly what is needed, so without further ado, here’s some gardeny goodness.

I took these at a pre-holiday afternoon jaunt to Exbury Gardens with the kiddos. This is my first summer holidays juggling kids, the home and full-time work. So far so good, but I don’t want to jinx things too early on in!

There’s an insane amount of colour about at the moment, it’s almost overwhelming. Almost.

Like I’d leave you without a hydrangea shot or 6…

Thanks for bearing with me and HDYGG x

10 replies on “ 164. HDYGG ”
  1. Good to have you back Annie!! Loveliness all round, love the contrast of the colour and the black. Someone at the allotment is growing lilies and having seen your photo I’ve realised it’s something you hardly ever see growing in home gardens.

  2. Nice to have you and HDYGG back 🙂 In contrast to your wonderful colour I give you form and shape in a formal French garden … but with surprises to keep you on your toes!

  3. I’m so HAPPY that you’re back! I do love our HDYGG community too and can’t wait to read and catch up everyone’s posts later today.

    Also it’s a big joy for me to just gaze and sigh at your beautiful flower photos. Yeah you’re back!!

  4. so glad this linky is back, without it i’d forget to search for some of the lovely bloggers who join in each week to see how their gardens are doing

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