163. HDYGG

Roses on a trellis

Well this is a funny old HDYGG, I don’t really know where to start. I decided this week that I’m going to be stopping blogging and winding things down over the next week. I’ve a couple of posts from Sierra Leone I would like to get published and a proper ‘why I’m stopping’ post.

HDYGG has been my favourite time of the week for the past 3 (yes three!) years, I love it dearly. Over the past few months though I’ve struggled to visit the posts linking up and haven’t had the chance to sit down and really write a post for it that hasn’t been a ‘rush job’. Funnily enough this one included.

I’m going to gently pick it up and take it over to Instagram next week, to continue for no.164 onwards. I’m genuinely sorry if this offends or upsets any of the regular HDYGGers, I feel like we’re a bit of a part-time band of merry (wo)men and that I’m letting the side down. Please remember it’s not over, it’s just moving 💛


Photos this week were taken at Houghton Lodge and Gardens on a recent day out. It’s a gem of a place – beautiful gardens, riverside walk, yummy-cake-serving tearoom. So gooooood.

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: a walled garden, a quiet beauty, cottage gardens & a growing garden.


  1. I’m really sorry to hear you are going to stop blogging and the demise of HDYGG on here sniffs
    But I’m really glad you are going to keep it going over on Instagram. I will definitely join in over there. Your photos of Houghton Lodge are as ever, beautiful. I would miss your photography terribly if it didn’t appear somewhere on the internet!

  2. Theses photos are really outstanding! I would love to have several for my home. They are so beautiful! I feel very sad to hear you are going to stop blogging. I don’t comment often but am a faithful reader and a big fan of yours. I will join in over IG too but will really miss this space. Yours is and always has been one of my favourites! xxJen

  3. I will miss your blog Annie! But at least I’ll still be able to stalk you on Instagram 😉 I’m so glad hdygg will still live on in another place. I feel like it has helped me find my place on the big ole internet and my photography has come on no end since I’ve been taking part — with practice each week and taking inspiration from other’s who have shared their garden photos too. Big love. xx

  4. you haven’t let me down, but you have created more work for me….lol, won’t be able to link the pictures to my blog via instargam, will just have to remember to change the link on my feed every thursday, i’m traveling to Germany and Austria tomorrow till mid week but i promise to try and make to back here before you go for ever and read the other posts

  5. ohhhhhh…. i totally get it and i don’t feel let down at all. they have been three glorious years and i feel like i not only "know" you but so many other lovely ladies i wouldn’t otherwise know. beautiful pictures as always Annie. i will miss your beautiful blog. hugs. xx -Claudia

  6. Oh no – I have so enjoyed #HDYGG and I am not an instagrammer but at the same time I understand and respect you wanting to give up blogging. I just don’t have time to get involved in another social media platform at the moment but I hope I can spy on your stunning photos from the sidelines. You have given me much inspiration (not that I have put much into action but I plan to when I find that elusive bit of free time) and through your blog I have met so many other lovely garden bloggers and YOU!! The pigs send a snorty grunt of good luck whilst from me you can have un grand calin français xx

  7. I’might sorry to see things go from the blog but I hope Instagram still shows your posts in my feed. I spend ages going round other peoples’ blogs and it does feel all consuming at times.

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