162. HDYGG

English garden

Guess who I visited last weekend? Yep, you guessed it – mother! Oh my days, her garden is looking good, plants everywhere, pots, tin baths, vintage watering cans, a dove cote, a bee hive, succulent planters she’s made herself – everywhere you look you give a little squeak of excitement.

The reclaimed summerhouse, though only added to the garden last year (it was last year wasn’t it mum?) already feels like it’s always been there. It’s the perfect fit to the garden and a lovely space to sit in (once you move the boxes of vintage goodies acquired at the car boot!) and my mum’s been using it to start off her succulent off-shoots. 

vintage watering cans

country garden

garden sieve

sweet william

I’ve recently fallen head over heels with Sweet William after buying some cut ones for the kitchen table. Hydrangea – you have a contender here for most loved flower.


ferns and aricula

ferns and aricula

I’ve visited 3 gardens this week – three! More photos from those to come soon. If any regulars have been wondering where Claudia’s gone, she’s on holiday – which I have been totally stalking on IG as it looks amazing, check this out!

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Sabrina’s garden, Elizabeth’s sanctuary, Gemma’s strawberry bonanza & the difference 7 years has made to Clare’s garden.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and enjoy some gardens x

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  1. No ! Reclaimed summerhouse was installed 3 years ago……..!! Paving up to it 2 years ago, and last year the new lawn…….. ! Where does the time go ? Nice to keep busy though and ” up-cycle” is it called these days ? Whatever ! It’s nice to hunt for different vintage tools and equipment , and , of course, books …….not forgetting the odd plants ! Some Himalayan Cowslips will be purchased from my wonderful carboot man in the coming weeks to replace the ones the birds took a shine to pecked them out of the ground last year .

  2. Love the moody atmosphere you’ve captured.
    I would love to know what your mother does with the succulent cuttings, mine have sprouted roots and little bobbles of succulents and now I’m at a loss as to what to do!
    Sweet Williams are rather impressive and surprisingly easy to grow, as in I forgot I even had any in the garden until they bloomed a few weeks ago, ya me!

    1. Hi Amanda , Re succulents : What works for me is to pot them on in very small pots with a mix of half and half horticultural grit and John Innes no. 2 . They’ll even grow in almost dry compost . Other people might have other ways !


  3. I can’t believe you have a hydrangea contender Annie — have you hit your head!?! Your Mum has the best taste in containers, makes my terracotta pots look a bit unexciting. Good excuse to go and have a mooch around a boot fair though. Adoring the pops of colour against a dark background, just beautiful.

  4. In our first garden we used to grow Sweet Williams and Canterbury Bells as my husband said they were his late grandfather’s favourite flowers. I must grow some again when I finally get round to planting up my cottage garden!

  5. Oh your Mum’s garden is beautiful! I love Sweet Williams, especially as cut flowers on the dinner table but they can’t quite knock hydrangeas off the pedestal, especially the pretty blue ones that grow to bushes the size of a car down home!

  6. I adore your mum’s garden, and you show it off in such a beautiful light, Annie. It’s stunning. Sweet Williams are so cute and jolly aren’t they? I love the containers…I think they add such quirkiness and interest to a garden. Thank you for hosting this lovely xx

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