How Does Your Garden Grow

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Guess who I visited last weekend? Yep, you guessed it - mother! Oh my days, her garden is looking good, plants everywhere, pots, tin baths, vintage watering cans, a dove cote, a bee hive, succulent planters she's made herself - everywhere you look you give a little squeak of excitement.

The reclaimed summerhouse, though only added to the garden last year (it was last year wasn't it mum?) already feels like it's always been there. It's the perfect fit to the garden and a lovely space to sit in (once you move the boxes of vintage goodies acquired at the car boot!) and my mum's been using it to start off her succulent off-shoots. 

 vintage watering cans
 country garden
 garden sieve
 sweet william

I've recently fallen head over heels with Sweet William after buying some cut ones for the kitchen table. Hydrangea - you have a contender here for most loved flower.

 ferns and aricula
 ferns and aricula

I've visited 3 gardens this week - three! More photos from those to come soon. If any regulars have been wondering where Claudia's gone, she's on holiday - which I have been totally stalking on IG as it looks amazing, check this out!

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Sabrina's garden, Elizabeth's sanctuary, Gemma's strawberry bonanza & the difference 7 years has made to Clare's garden.

Have a lovely weekend ahead and enjoy some gardens x