How Does Your Garden Grow

161. HDYGG

Firstly huge thanks to Gemma for hosting last week whilst I was in Sierra Leone. Thank you to all who wished me well, it was an inspiring and emotionally challenging trip and this week I've been being extra kind to myself, allowing myself time to process it all.


So when Victoria asked if I fancied a visit to RHS Wisley at the weekend I jumped at the chance. The weather gods smiled on us and we enjoyed a sunny morning, strolling through the rose garden enjoying the heady scent and a very nice spot of lunch. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. You won't be at all surprised to hear that I took far too many photos, here's just a few...


I'm going to fess up,this year I've been a bit meh about some of the wild flowers, especially bluebells and poppies. I blame Instagram for this shift in appreciation, wild flower fatigue - is that a 'thing' ?!


But even so, I've so much love for fancy pink poppies right now... 


My fixation with darker photographs continues, if you haven't noticed. The word I'd use to describe my photo-taking and editing at the moment is 'brooding'!



Can you believe I didn't spot these, but luckily Kitty saw them and pointed them out. yes my friends, it's the return of HYDRANGEAS! Beaming smiles all round :)

 Hydrangea photo via Annie at

Thanks to all who joined in last week over on Gemma's blog, have a lovely weekend ahead!