159. HDYGG

I  was mooching about in grandad’s garden one morning this week, after a brief rain shower, and it dawned on me that I haven’t taken any photos in his garden all year. All year! A shocking state of affairs which I needed to put right straight away. There’s something magical about being in a garden where everything is blooming after a rain shower isn’t there? You know the plants have much needed water, maybe it’s picking up on their happiness. Can plants be happy? Do you buy into the whole ‘talking to plants’ and ‘playing them music’ thing? 

I never used to, but now, well let’s just say I’m a little more open-minded.

I know right? Moody blooms of late – not a reflection on my state of mind, honest!

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Hedgerow foraging, polytunnel progress, cherries & berries and who could forget – BEARS IN THE GARDEN!

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  1. Ha ha – great minds and all that. M y link up pictures are after the rain ones, although in my case it was a violent downpour that left me stranded in the polytunnel for over half an hour! I also love the bees on your Grandad’s ceanothus … I am just finishing a post about bee attracting plants to publish tomorrow so we really do seem to be on the same wavelength today. As for talking to plants … of course I do 😉

  2. Pink is pretty awesome with a darker background! Love love your photos but I know you already know that!

    I read your post about the new look of the blog and I want to say that the changes in your blog are awesome. I love the vibe. Are you going to be mad if I say I love Fable and Folk than Mannej.. okay I cant say it.

    I am always a fan of yours and continue being amazeballs!

  3. i totally believe in talking to plants and i talk to mine all the time. i think i picked it up from my mom. granddad’s garden is such a winner for me. seriously. that a beautiful and magical place and you capture it so well. these shots are insanely gorgeous Annie. every single one. xx

  4. Just scrumptiously beautiful shots. And magical garden for you to visit. Yes I do sometimes have a quiet chat with the plants too.

  5. Gah, I was quite pleased with my rose photos until I saw your far superior ones!

    On a different note, could you please organise a blogger’s trip to your Mum’s and Grandad’s garden? And put me top of the list?

  6. I love the Lupins, we had loads in the garden as i was growing up and all hoped that this was where the fairies lived

  7. These are lovely (as always). The rain drops looks so pretty. I particulary love the pink rose 🙂

  8. I think plants definitely adore the rain, we might not like it, but they certainly do! Beautiful photos as ever, the Lupins are just fantastic…

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