154. HDYGG

More photos this week from Montreal Botanical Gardens. The plan was to share photos of yesterday trip to The Vyne (National Trust property in Hampshire) but weather stopped play. Bah humbug. One moment I’m dancing round a BBQ on a sunny afternoon with a can of ice cold beer in one hand and the next I’m dodging puddles and trying to maneuver the Battle Royale-esque nightmare that is a playground full of parent and children wielding umbrellas.

Thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Gemma’s creepy crawlies, Elizabeth’s blue sky, the beauty that is Claudia’s visit to West Virginia and Stephanie’s prune-fest (ha ha that sounds much funnier than I meant it too).

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  1. So many beautiful leaves! And the leaves with the steam rising around them are just wow. All your photos are so incredibly clear, were they taken on your new camera? Had to laugh about the Battle Royale-esque nightmare — that film really disturbed me for some reason. And I watch zombie films so that’s saying something! Excuse me while I scroll up and down this post a few times and take everything in 🙂

  2. I just had to look at part 1 too. Felt the steam and heat while loving your big leaves shots. Also just over the top gorgeous the yellow flowers and blue sky through the glass. You’ll know where to find me when I finally get back over to Canada to visit hub’s relatives in Montreal.

  3. I thought I’d spied some wisteria and Gemma’s comment confirms it 🙂 Love the glass house too – it looks a wonderful place. Thanks for the mention too xx

  4. Oh this looks like a beautiful place to visit, you capture it wonderfully. I really need to get myself to some proper gardens, can not believe I’ve got this far in life and not been to any!

  5. So beautiful and definitely worth a re-visit this week. How amazing is that plant with the red/orange stalk and stems, and purply blue petals? It looks like someone has painted it that colour – incredible! That wisteria too…ahhhh. You did make me laugh about umbrella-wielding parents and children! On the school run this week I was prodded at thigh height so many times by kids with brollies, then a mum next to me waved her brolly to catch the attention of her child and the rain ran off and went right down my jacket! Definitely a scene to avoid.
    Thank you for the mention and thank you for hosting xx

  6. I went back to watercoloring and the next subject that I want to draw are cactuses! And you have them! So I have something to look unto!

    Lovely lovely photos as always =)

  7. wow, this place reminds me so much of the biltmore estate greenhouses we have here. so much beauty. happy weekend Annie! xx -Claudia

  8. that greenhouse looks huge. I love the plant with the red stalk and purple flowers. I’m assuming everyone headed indoors the moment it rained then.

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