153. HDYGG

I’m back! Huge thanks to Gemma for hosting last week’s HDYGG whilst I was off in Montreal. I had a lovely week away and though most of the time was spent working I did managed to sneak off some mornings to explore the city.

You know me, I made straight for Montreal Botanical Garden to explore. They have some amazing glasshouses and I took farrrrr too many photos. I’m sharing a few today and then I’ll pop the rest up over the weekend! I took my large Nikon camera and it gave me a nice opportunity to get to grips with using it more. I finally feel like I’m starting to get the feel of it after a good 6 months of having it and being a bit scared of it.

Enough of the waffling, on to the photos from the glasshouses…

It’s a glorious sunny day here and I’m looking forward to sitting in the garden and looking through this weeks posts! Enjoy the sunshine people 🙂

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  1. Love those polka dot leaves and the red doorway. How exciting going to Montreal, looking forward to the rest of your pictures.

  2. You jetsetter! I’m not surprised you headed straight for the Botanic Gardens. It looks really peaceful there – a perfect escape.

  3. i know what you mean about taking way too many pictures. that second shot has my heart. it’s soooooo beautiful Annie. glad you had a great time. xx -Claudia

  4. Taking more photos than I can sensibly edit is one of my specialities 😉 Looooove all the leafy shots, especially the polka dot ones, so crisp. I’m impressed you managed to seek out a garden on a work trip too. I’m STILL laughing about the bird name suggestion 😀

  5. Oh I adore your photos Annie. My favourites are those stripey leaves up at the top – they look like blushing zebras! And I also love the red door! What’s behind it? I just want to peer through the keyhole! Glad you had such a fab time and thank you for hosting xx

  6. I am just oohing and aahhing with every photo! Beautiful subject and great photography as always!

  7. glad your getting to grips with the new camera now. love the pattern on some of the leaves, I selected a few houseplants this week based on their leaf pattern only

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