Godolphin, Cornwall

Godolphin - National Trust

A look at National Trust property, Godolphin in Cornwall. I’ll write a separate post on about that but for now – here’s a look at how Godolphin’s garden grows…

Ahhh there’s something about old stone walls and honest old-fashioned country garden planting that really does it for me.

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8 replies on “ Godolphin, Cornwall ”
  1. What a delightful garden. I’ve never seen wallflowers with such a striking ombre effect before. It seems to fit in very well with the whole Cornish feel of the place.

  2. I adore Godolphin..it’s a favourite hang out of ours on holiday. I love the simplicity of the place which adds to the beauty. And you’ve captured it beautifully (as always) and made me sigh and remember happy times there. Thank you. And thank you for hosting Annie xx

  3. You know I have a thing about stone walls! I so want to visit Cornwall and this looks like a gem of a place to visit when I finally do. And yes blue skies and sunshine is giving me happy feet.

  4. I might be missing something here but how do people get plants like primroses to grow in stone walls!? I would love a front door up some stone steps so I can cover the side in terracotta pots. Lovely looking garden, perfect ice cream weather!

  5. Such beautiful gardens!
    This week is just gorgeous, really showing Spring at its best. The flowers against the stone walls look perfect, a wonderful backdrop

  6. What a place! So beautiful and dreamy. I’m with you on the " old stone walls and honest old-fashioned country garden". What more does one need really?

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