Godolphin - National Trust

Firstly, I know it's terribly British but I have to mention the weather. This past few days - blue skies and sunshine = bliss! Tanya and I visited Hinton Ampner yesterday, stopping off at Cheesefoot Head (best.name.ever) on the way back where we strolled through a rapeseed field (photos to come obvs!) It was so nice to be strolling on the sunshine amongst the bees and butterflies with the suns warmth. Heaven!

Anyhoo, this week's HDYGG photo aren't from there - they are from a visit to National Trust property, Godolphin in Cornwall. I'll write a separate post on about that but for now - here's a look at how Godolphin's garden grows...

Ahhh there's something about old stone walls and honest old-fashioned country garden planting that really does it for me.

Thanks for all who joined in last week, some faves include: the Double-take Pink Storms here, the Charleston Garden in Spring, blossom and ladybird lovin'.