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9 thoughts on “148. HDYGG”

  1. Have a fab time away exploring the gardens and i look forward to seeing the photo’s. I bought a hydrangea to keep indoors this week, i’ll let you know any tips i find for keeping it alive, i very much doubt it would survive long outdoors as i only have sand to plant it in.

  2. Good luck on keeping the hydrangea alive! I’ve got some serious chopping down of mine to do as it seems it contracted some nasty disease. I wonder if it dies will hubby try to cover it up by rushing out and buying a new and hope you don’t notice?!

  3. Enjoying the pastels missus. I had the same problem with an indoor hydrangea so I planted it outdoors and three years later it’s still going strong! They are fussy plants but totally worth it. Have a great trip!!

  4. Your trip sounds perfect – have a lovely, lovely time! Very cool shots of your cactii and succulents. We have quite a collection here at home and I’ve just realised I’ve never taken any photos of them.

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